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The Merkaba Pendant

In his book "The Gates Of Light" the kabbalist Rabbi Yoseph Jiktalia asid" an
important rule,know that the true essence of the creator,blessed be his name,
Is not perceived to his compatriots ,and those who dwell in their multitude
Or his truthfulness-the angels in heaven what do they say? (Ezekiel 1)
Blessed be the Lord in his place"- wherever he is.
And if as above so below - then all those things we read in the Torah like
Hand and leg and ear and eye (of God) and such ,what are they?
In spite of the fact that they evidence his greatness and truthfulness -not everyone has
the ability to understand what is this thing called "hand,leg.ear and eye".If we are
created in his divine image do not think that it is an eye in the shape of an eye,
Or hand in the shape of a hand .Know and understand that there is no similarity
Between him and us in shape or mold but rather the meaning of the the shape of our
organs which our which are made as symbols of heavenly unknown matters that the
mind cannot grasp but only as an image of a memory.
The blessed creator wanted to enhance us by placing in our body some hidden
And some exposed organs that are hints and symbols of the creation of the merkaba.
The merkaba is a deep and hidden secret and you should know that set in the upper
merkaba 70 ministers ,and know they the secret of secrets in the order of the shape
called "ADAM" (human being).
What is the merkaba?
In the descriptions of the visions of the prophet Ezekiel ,he describes the different
worlds that he passed through with the merkaba.
The greatest kabbalists spoke about the Merkaba.
Also the writings of Rabbi Yoseph Jiktalia,mentioned above,state that the human
form (as well as the four faces of God from the visions of the prophet Ezekiel)
Are ciphers with hidden secrets that are connected to the Merkaba.
What does this mean?
In the past few years there have been a number of studies that have brought to light
Ancient knowledge concerning the hidden proportions of the human body.
These proportions were known for many eras .
During the renaissance De-Vinci investigated the secret proportions of the human body.
The bible tell us that we were created in the image of god,but,as Rabbi Yoseph
Jiktalia this is not a physical similarity.
The human body and it's proportions and energetic systems encompass within
themselves all the secrets of creation ,not only it's actualization in nature ,but also
In the upper celestial levels.
The human body proportions include the mathematical value that is known as
Phi or the Golden Mean.
This value is the basis of all creation .
(this is an infinite number that transcends the different dimensions and embodies
all that exists in nature.)-you can find an explanation in the Golden Mean Spiral Pendant.
One of the energetic fields surrounding the human body is the three dimensional star of David.
(as written in Drunvalo Melchizedeq book-The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life).
Studies that have been done show that this shape encompasses all the frequencies and musical harmonies .
The different dimensions of creations work by the same principals of the music scales.
There is a possibility of using this structure as a vehicle to experience the different levels
of consciousness and creation.
As for the secret of the four faces of God- Rabbi Shimeon Bar Yochai,the author
Of the Zohar,wrote that the Four Faces of God are only a symbol or "the seal of God".
The only shape in existence that has four faces is the Tetrahedron ,the three dimensional
triangle which is the basis for the three dimensional star of david....

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