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David Wizeman was born in Israel. He is the force behind Cosmic Jewels.
From an early age David realized that his view of life and reality was very
Different from society ,his  parents ,the media and the
educational system.
In 1995 David had a dream that sent him on a spiritual quest.
In this dream he went to Jerusalem in search of a mysterious green stone.
Ē A store appeared in one of the alleys .
It had a fantastic variety of artifacts including unusual stones.

I asked the salesgirl for a green stone nicknamed "Shamballa".
She said that they didnít have that stone and showed me
stones from different  star systems.
In 1998 I started to create the Merkaba pendants and different sacred geometry models.
Each jewel goes through a special process  that I developed
through  the use of the Merkaba.
The flood of responses from people telling of the enormous changes in their lives and their
experiences caused by  these jewels -encourage me to continue creating
and distributing these symbols all over the world.
The answer to my dream came that same year -a friend told me about a mumbling beggar who was walking around a street near my home in Tel-Aviv telling all kind of things...
In spite of my hesitation we went out looking for him. We soon found him.
He studied me for a few minutes while my friend went to get him something to eat.
Then he said in a thick Spanish accent "you're the mystic, you're looking
for the stone!". He yelled "once I had gold now I have Iron!".
Two weeks later a different friend brought me a copy of " The Emerald tablets of Thoth The Atlantean".
After looking at this book I understood that this was the green stone I was looking for.
It had everything- Alchemy , Shamballa, and the great pyramid of Giza...
The models I create are keys meant to light the road for the truth seeker  And to
open the door to enlightenment. These keys are meant to open the door to our true selves that is within us all.

Enjoy the cosmic joke!


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