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The shape of this pendant, appeared in the year 1991 In Wessex, England in a wheat field at a large diameter Of a few hundred meters. Different hoax groups have confessed over the past few years and attempted to "prove" how they had created crop circles. What several of these groups are unaware of is that the crop circles  phenomenon is well documented since the 16th century (at that time they were called "Devil Circles" by the local inhabitants). The geometrical shapes in the circles appear mostly near the ancient structures of Stonehenge, Avebury and Salisbury Hill.
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These mystical sites were built as markers of heavenly bodies in ancient times. The geometrical shapes in the circles contain highly advanced geometrical symbols (the shape in the pendant contains complex mathematical equations like the Fibonacci series, Pi value, The Seed of Life, The Flower of Life, The Fruit of Life and The Tree of Life) all of which are embodied in this cipher. The shapes themselves function as an intelligent language and living awareness. Although you feel that your rational mind cannot grasp all of it's meaning, your physical body and your sub-conscious are currently receiving the meaning of these symbols in a very powerful way. The symbol in the pendant "communicates" with the masses that run into It and re-awakens the genetic library that is encrypted in our bodies and contains all the knowledge of the universe. This is the actual reason why you were drawn to this symbol. The universe is composed of frequencies (sounds), geometrical shapes and light.
These three elements appeared also encrypted, in the pendant, as well as other physical geometrical rules that appear in every existing thing which binds everything into one entity with endless consciousness. The changes that will occur in the world in the next few years, will open new and fascinating paths to evolvement and the revelation of the truth behind all life.

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