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  "The Labyrinth Pendant":
The labyrinth in this pendant contains seven turns representing the stages in human
Development. The number seven exists from the first structure of creation as seen in The Seed Of Life. It is composed of seven dissecting circles. This formation is the basis of all creation (you can find more information on the seed of life and
The flower of life on our web site). The Torus Tube is also a product of this formation. It is the only shape in the universe that goes in and out of itself.
This form also holds within it the well known mathematical rule about seven
Parts of different color planes that can exist within this shape.
Once again we come back to the number seven.
In addition the torus shape is one of the basic structures in the universe ,so much
So that every multi-celled creature starts out in it's embryo stages resembling the torus tube. The human body has seven major energy centers -the charkas.
We experience reality through our charkas.
For example the fist chakra is connected to our survival instinct.
The second chakra is connected to our sexuality, and the third is connected to the
Ambition and the longing for strength and power.
Obviously the human development is such that immediately after birth we're
In a survival mode. Then comes the desire for physical contact as the child matures.
Then the desire for personal strength and freedom grows.
Tha additional energy centers allow for the experiencing of higher understanding of reality.
For example-the fourth chakra conveys unconditional love.
Between the three lower centers and the three upper higher ones there is a separation that can be crossed by spiritual practices.
What makes the labyrinth so special is that if you go into it you are able to experience the charkas in the following order :
You go straight to the third turn- the third chakra.
Then the second turn- the second chakra. Then you find yourself in the first turn- the
First chakra. At this stage there is a jump from the lower levels of reality perception
To the higher levels through the fourth center- the heart.
The experience of unconditional love from which we are able to move on
To the higher levels. Therefore the key is always unconditional love .
The structure of the seven turn labyrinth exists in different places all over
The world. The pendant facilitates a developmental path to the higher dimensions of
The universe that is always reached through universal love.



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