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In the book "Dune" the author Frank Herbert describes the rise of the Messiah 8000 years from now. Herbert who studied among others ecology ,psychology and eastern philosophies created a reliable world that describes in minute detail the rise of "Kwisatz Haderach"- the messiah (Kwisatz Haderach is an ancient kabbalistic term that describes the ability to be in two places at once).
The whole book is interwoven with wisdom that can serve the enlightened reader in his personal growth.
The process and change the book's hero, Paul Atreides goes through is in fact a process of enlightenment and divine consciousness and the recognition of our higher self that exists within us all.
One of the lines in the book is :"He who surrenders rules" - This short sentence holds the secret of true human enlightenment.
All the cosmic forms are in fact a creative expression of one force.
All the mystical traditions say that one can experience cosmic unity through various exercises by which the practitioner gradually eliminates his false identity/self and his connection to the material world ,until finally the practitioner is able to fully experience the whole cosmos every single moment.
When this is achieved the higher self is awakened.
The conscious person understands and experiences cosmic perfection in everything and results in true awareness of all the processes and occurrences within the universe and as such remains totally uncritical of anything.
He who awakens to the unified cosmos has powers, vision and wisdom that are far greater than the average person who is still identifying with the illusion and the false "self".
The hawk that appears in the center of the ring is the symbol of the House of Atreides from whom the "
Kwisatz Haderach" is derived.
The hawk represents the higher self who sees the entire picture and symbolizes the understanding of the "cosmic thought".
The green emerald stones on the blackened ring's surface symbolizes the black and green flag of the House Atreides, while the green emerald also symbolizes the heart center and compassion.
The Arabic writing on ring is a variation of the Arabic nickname of Paul Atreides "lisan il jayeb" meaning: "the language of the one Who came".
The Hebrew letters of the "hanichna hoo hasholet", "he who surrenders rules" were taken from the dead sea scrolls.
In Judaism there is a story in the ancient Gemmara wherein the Creator showed Moses at the time he received the ten commandments the future time when a man called Rabbi Akiva will be given the secret of the "tagim" - the small lines that appear above the Hebrew letters in the Torah Scrolls.
When Moses saw the modesty of Rabbi Akiva he told the Creator that he should give the  commandments to Rabbi Akiva.
The Creator's answer was "keep silent - rise within the thought".
The Gemarra explains it this way-The word "keep silent" doesn't mean in ancient Hebrew -"shut up!"
Rather "cancel yourself" - in other words the Creator tells Moses to transcend himself so that he can ascend and understand the Cosmic Thought.

Article source can be found here: Dune

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