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This pendant is a description of the Cherubim which were set upon the Ark Of The Covenant. The Cherubim are holding the Viseca Pisces (The first day of creation-see The Genesis Pendant and The Seed of life Pendant explanations). On one side of the pendant appears the Hebrew word "tohu va vohu" and on the other side "eheye asher eheye". In the last few years there has been an increasingly strong search for truth in our lives. These symbolic pieces of jewelry have been created to clarify the vision of the truth seeker.
What is the truth and how do we find it within the fog?
The answer is in a little riddle-which is the question: who or what am I?
The solution leads to the full understanding of the truth as it exists in all things.
For the Hebrew speakers lets take the first line of the book of Genesis- "Bereshit bara elohim et hashamaim veet haaretz vehaaretz haita tohu va vohu vechoshech al pney tehom" the bible states that in the beginning God created the the earth and the sky and that the earth was "TOHU VA VOHU" and darkness upon the void.
The Hebrew word "TOHU VA VOHU" was seen by most people as chaos, a lack of any order; however it is written that the land was darkness over the void; in other words; an empty space; a void nothingness; and nothingness cannot be in a state of disorder.
The solution to the meaning of the word is hidden in the word itself and it's sound. Repeat the word "TOHU VA VOHU" -it's a sound that repeats itself-"movement then rest".
When we start to examine what matter is made of we get to molecules and then to atoms. Atoms are composed of particles moving around each other at great speed.
When scientists search for what these particles are made of they find various wave lengths (frequencies).
The simplest way to understand a vibration is to imagine constantly repeating "movement" and "rest".
The human ear can hear 30 to 16000 vibrations ("movement" and "rest" per second).
In fact everything is made of frequencies, even the "matter" we previously mentioned. The first letters of "Tohu Va Vohu" creates the Hebrew word "TAV"- a musical note; the first and last letters of the word" Tohu Va Vohu" creates the Hebrew letters "Tav" and "Vav" which create together the word "Tav".
These letters also create the initials of "TENOOAA VEMENOOCHA" -MOVEMENT AND REST.
Another interesting thing that I've discovered is that the remaining letters that are the the gap between the" Tav" and the "Vav" create the Number 12 which is the number of notes in the musical scale while the word "Tav" creates the 13th number which is the great void between the different harmonies.
Therefore, all that exists including ourselves is made from frequency. That is the reason that God speaks (creates a sound) during The creation process "vayomer" -"God said". That is the reason we call the things that surround us "dvarim" meaning "things".
From the Hebrew word "deebur" meaning to speak , and the word "dvarim" which means "things that were spoken".
The next hint concerning "who or what I am?" comes from the story of Moses who walked in the desert where he saw the burning bush.
In those days people believed that a person's name reflected his nature -and Moses who wanted to know the true nature of the One God ,asked his
Name and God answered "eheye asher eheye"-the true translation of this sentence is "I am becoming what I am becoming".
Moses totally understood God's answer but because he knew that the children of Israel would not understand the depth of God's answer he asked-
When the children of Israel will ask me for the name of the God that sent me what should I tell them?" God answered Moses and said -tell "
Them that "eheye" sent you.
God's answers have also been distorted over time and their significance has been changed and forgotten.
God simply said to Moses :my name is "I am becoming what I am becoming" tell the children of Israel that "that which will become" sent you.
The traditional English translation distorted the original true meaning of the Hebrew writing because it was translated incorrectly to "I am that I am".
Now since you are surrounded by "things" what is the only thing in creation that is certain?
The answer is CHANGE. Nothing stays in the same state forever. "The only thing that is constant in life is change".
Everything that exists changes and is in motion.
If the frequency that governs all will stop then all that exists would disappear and creation would stop.
The God or the force that created all does not have a name. He is a frequency that is constantly evolving and changing therefore he is "becoming" and has no form or definition. The meanings of one of God's Hebrew "names" - "YEHOVA" can be translated as I AM BECOMING or I AM IN A "BECOMING" PROCESS-TAKING A FORM -(check our explanation about the Mobius ring on our web site for the true meaning of the Hebrew "names" of God.)
The jewelry that we create symbolizes the geometric patterns that are created by the various wave lengths of the One frequency.
This frequency also wears your image -you are God in a specific level of development. That is the meaning of "in the image of God.
Throughout history there were individuals who came to the realization that they are God.
Some were crucified, tortured and persecuted.
Those who come from the darkness hide the truth of hidden nature from man for their own power, because when man finds the One within himself there is no longer a need for external teachers or guidance.
The cosmic joke is that many religious people have no belief at all in the existence of God because they believe in the external (superficial) and thereby take all responsibility for their own lives off themselves.
When Abraham received the word of God he was told in Hebrew "lech lecha"- "go within yourself " from your country which is the furthest most external location from your birthplace which is closer external and from your father's house which is the closest external place.
That is the reason for the concept of "unconditional love"-when we hate someone we hate ourselves because all -everything and everyone is the one God.
People who do spiritual activities and connect themselves consciously to the one frequency will often experience other individuals thoughts and emotions
Or perhaps if they are enlightened they will experience the entire universe when their individual artificial consciousness merges with the One.
The bible forbids the practice of external "channeling" and foretelling the future (which are very common among the "new agers").
The reason for this is that the person who looks for external answers "betrays" the true God within.
That is one of the reasons the external world is called in ancient Aramaic in Judaism "ALMA DE SHIKRA"-THE WORLD OF LIES
And "Maya" which means "illusion" in the Hindu tradition.
The concept of the frequency that governs all exists in all cultures starting with the "TOHU VA VOHU" in the bible or the "OM" -the sound ,the frequency that created everything (O-M ,movement and rest, a frequency).
The Tibetans create their beautiful Mandalas from colored sand and if you'll take a metal plate cover it with sand and make it vibrate with different sounds you will be able to see different structures that are formed in the sand, that are very similar to the sand Mandalas. At the end after a few weeks when the Mandala is finished they simply wipe off the sand Mandala to show the non- attachment to the illusion of the external and also to Show the constant change and the process of life and death that takes place in the external world of illusion.
In 1949 ancient writings were found in Egypt at Nag Hamadi- known as the Nag Hamadi scriptures.
These writings contain the teachings of Yeshua-Jesus .
In one of the parts Jesus told his disciples that the SIGN OF THE FATHER (GOD) IS WITHIN THEMSELVES. Then he asked "and when they will ask what is the sign of thy father within you tell them it is MOVEMENT AND REST".
The frequencies of these jewels are means of healing and deep enlightenment.
Enjoy the cosmic joke!

Article source can be found here: Vesica Pisces

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