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  "Alchemy Pendant"
The shape of this pendant is called cubeoctahedron .It's base is an octahedron
(double pyramid) whose ends were cut in 90 degrees angle (drawing a-
so that it becomes the shape in drawing b)- the cubeoctahedron.
Tis shape and it's significance were discovered by a researcher by the name
Of Buckminster Fuller who foud that by spinning the shape you produce
All the five platonic solids. why is this shape so important?
These shapes produce all the possible molecular structures ,meaning all the reality as explained in the Flower Of Life Pendant. These shapes come out from the fruit of life which is the pattern by which the spirit wears all the possible forms of creation (in drawing
C you can see the cubeoctahedron as it exists in the seed of life structure which is the original pattern of creation and the secret of the seven days of genesis 9see also the
Information concerning the seed of life pendant.)
The ability to convert and exchange one form for another or more correctly
The ability ,to change one matter to another through the use of human consciousness
Is the ancient science that is called alchemy (the word alchemy is taken from the
Word Chem which is the ancient name of Egypt - the correct translation of the word
Alchemy is the Egyptian Wisdom).The ability to transform as shown in the shape
Of this pendant is enabling researchers to create advanced materials and even can be found in advanced healing techniques .The use of this ancient knowledge through human consciousness was the domain of selected few through history.
The cube octahedron in this pendant comes in a stellated version (each facet in this pendant is covered by a pyramid or a tetrahedron).
Every living species on this planet has an electro magnetic grid that surrounds
The planet (look for the explanation about the grid pendant).
Some claim that the structure in this pendant is the structure of the grid of the
Most developed beings on this planet-the dolphins.
This pendant creates harmonious frequencies, purifying and balancing.
It can be hanged in large spaces for purification and to create harmonious



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